Cancer. The word alone brings images of fear and loss. A young, healthy nonsmoker, Erik Jelinek never would have dreamed he’d get lung cancer, but a routine exam triggered a series of tests that revealed stage three cancer. A pastor and father of two, Erik approached his health struggles with a positive attitude, finding the blessings in his circumstances. Continuous cluster headaches had plagued him for years, but they precipitated his regular checkups, which led to the discovery of the tumor. In Blessed in the Midst of Trial, Erik Jelinek tells his story of being diagnosed with cancer and how his fear was replaced with blessings. This moving memoir gives a close-up glimpse into his battle with cancer and how he experienced God’s hand of grace and hope every step of the way. In each new set of circumstances, Erik found himself Blessed in the Midst of Trial. Strengthen your faith with this encouraging testimony of renewal and hope.


Erik Jelinek is an ordained pastor in the Lutheran church. He and his wife, Jennifer, serve as co-pastors at a congregation in Beloit, Wisconsin. They have two daughters, Sierra and Scarlett. As a pastor and cancer survivor, Erik has been reminded to have his eyes opened to the blessings of each day and continue to see the miraculous ways God is at work in our lives and in the world



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